Safe Surfin’ Foundation (SSF) began in 2000 to support the educational activities of the Bedford County Sheriff Office, and Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (SOVA ICAC), formerly known as Operation Blue Ridge Thunder (BRT).

BRT first began operations in 1997 when it was one of only ten agencies to receive federal funding in 1998 and received national attention when featured on CBS “48 Hours”. Under the command of Sheriff Mike Brown, BRT has become internationally known for cracking tough cases and finding pedophiles that prey upon our innocent children. Sheriff Brown happily boasts a 100% conviction rate.

Though law enforcement is extremely effective in arresting sexual  predators, Sheriff Brown realized that much  more needed to be done to protect children while online. Law enforcement continues to work tirelessly apprehending predators, but the need to educate potential victims became very apparent.

Incorporated in 2000, SSF received non-profit, 501 (c)(3) status. Primarily a volunteer effort, funds are raised from corporate and private donations, enabling SSF to supply Internet safety educational materials to schools, libraries, home schools and other children’s groups at NO CHARGE.

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation is the educational ‘arm’ of the nationally recognized Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Education is our best defense!