Safe Surfin’ was founded by some of the best Law Enforcement Experts on Internet crime. We are still chaired and directed by these experts and are constantly increasing our knowledge base on the methods, means and identities of Internet predators and web sites. In an effort to spread awareness of this cause and create a “Donation Source”, we are launching a program designed to validate what we determine to be “Safe Websites”.

For an annual donation of $50, Safe Surfin’ will provide an analysis of your companies web site and, if determined to be safe, will provide a “Safe Surfin Badge Of Approval” to display on your website and marketing materials. From that point forward, your site will be monitored by Safe Surfin’ staff to determine its continued adherence to our proprietary “Safe Surfin’ Standards Of Safety“.

The proliferation of threats, motives and opportunities for derelict activity online increase exponentially every day. Parents, teachers and communities are desperate for a solution to the otherwise “unknown” risks of the Internet. Our approval meets this vacuum. By supporting this program now, you will be part of a revolutionary solution to protect our children. To submit your company’s web site for consideration, please complete and submit the form below.



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