Equipping law enforcement agencies around the globe with the hardware, software, and training required to integrate into the global network of ICAC Task Forces.


Back in 1998, the Bedford County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office launched a Task Force known as Operation Blue Ridge Thunder. BRT was a visionary and revolutionary response to online predators. BRT also became one of the first ten such USDoJ Task Forces in America dedicated to interdiction of Internet Crimes Against Children. Today, there are more than 60 such Task Forces across America, and it’s not enough.

Technology has ushered in a whole new frontier of challenges at every level. Around the clock we face technology-fueled crises never before encountered in human history. Those intent on doing harm to others have found that cyberspace erases time zones and geopolitical boundaries. Many law enforcement agencies simply do not have the resources to join the fight against an ever-growing problem. Enter the Safe Surfin’ Cop-in-a-Box program. Safe Surfin’ and Moose International have teamed up to provide the computer hardware, software, and training to enable sworn officers anywhere to join the global network of ICAC Task Forces. To contribute to the Cop-in-a-Box program, or to find out how your local law enforcement agency can participate, please call or use the contact form on this website. Together, we are improving and saving lives!

The LEAAP Application for qualifying Law Enforcement Agencies to participate in the SSF Cop-in-a-Box Program can be found here.

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