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A Word from Sheriff Mike Brown

Sheriff Mike BrownWelcome, Friends.

When I began my career in law enforcement in 1966, few could have envisioned how technology would change the landscape of our world. With all of the wonders of the computer age, we are also facing technology-fueled crises never before encountered in human history. Human trafficking. Cyber-bullying. Youth suicide. Online predators. Cyber-crime... just to name a few.

Governments and corporations, law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies... right down to the individual user are bombarded incessantly around the clock with assaults from those who would exploit others. This is precisely why I established the Safe Surfin’ Foundation in 1998, why I have assembled some of the best and the brightest to serve on its Board, and on its Team, and why together we continue to fight the good fight against evil in the world. At the very least, I hope you will practice Safe Surfin’. Better still, I hope you will discover the many ways you can partner with us at the Safe Surfin’ Foundation for a brighter tomorrow.MJB Signature

JF CyberSWAT Team Sheriff Mike and Dr. Janet Brown

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