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A Strategic Partnership for Good in the World.


NW3CSSFOctober 2018 was a landmark for two organizations who officially teamed up to form “A Partnership for Good in the World.” The Safe Surfin’ Team joined the National White Collar Crime Center — NW3C — at their Board Meeting, held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The NW3C has been a global leader for more than 40 years. SSF Founder Sheriff Mike Brown serves on the NW3C Board, and psychology professor and researcher Dr. Janet M. Brown was established as a Special Advisor.

Award PresentationA highlight of the event was the presentation by the NW3C Board to Sheriff Mike of the NW3C inaugural Michael J. Brown Lifetime Achievement Award, which caught Sheriff Mike completely off-guard! It was a fitting tribute, as the Sheriff was preparing to enter the 53rd year of his career in law enforcement.

Yet everyone present at this historic meeting was keenly aware that there is much work to be done. People around the world are confronted by a new frontier of technology-fueled crises at a level never before encountered in human history: Cyber Bullying. Youth Suicide. Child sex slavery and other human trafficking.

The task at hand is to build out the Cyber S.W.A.T. Team program and further refine it with an eye toward deployment at national and eventual international levels. Be assured that through this strategic partnership the experts aligned the NW3C and the SSF are hard at work around the clock to produce deliverables that will save lives... for today and for our brighter tomorrows.