Update From Tazewell County, VA Sheriff’s Office On Benefits of Cop in a Box Program

Mr. Nolley,
I wanted to update you on what a benefit the Cop in a Box Computer has been to Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office. You donated us the computer in August, but we were not able to have the proper hidden Internet service installed in our office until September.  Since getting everything in place in the last two months we have been able to detect and open up 3 cases involving Internet Crime against children in Tazewell County, 2 cases in Smyth County, and we have 3 more cases currently being downloaded and monitored that will be in Tazewell County or a surrounding county. That means thanks to your concerned lodge, a total of 8 cases have been detected and opened up in that involved children who are being sexually exploited over the Internet in just over two months.
I also want to tell you that we have been able to use this system to do a lot more than just these exploitation cases. We have also used it to scan 7 computers and 4 cell phones. One of which was for a case with a runaway child. This week Detective Brown and Detective Stiltner are in training provided through the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and when they return they will be able to use this new computer to start conducting undercover chat investigations in an effort to catch adults who are trying to prey on children online and through chat rooms. On top of all this due to the large screen, graphics, and memory of this computer, we’ve also been using it when we get surveillance video in, as we are able to view it on a larger screen which has made a big difference.
Again, thank you for this generous gift. We appreciate all you are doing to help us and help the community.
Brian Hieatt
Sheriff of Tazewell County

Click here to download the official PDF letter from Sheriff Hieatt.