The Safe Surfin’ Foundation is eager to provide a guest speaker and educational materials for your school, community center, house of worship, law enforcement agency or anywhere else where we can make an impact.

We offer presentations and material specific to age group and venue, customizing the education to best fit the audience. After attending one of our presentations, you will know:

  • Why the threat of Internet-based predators is increasingly and how the threat is worse that usually understood.
  • The damage that predators are doing on a daily basis and why every child is at risk.
  • How predators systematically and manipulatively victimize children.
  • Ways to secure your computer and monitor your children’s Internet activity and what to look out for.
  • How to approach the sensitive topic with your child and other parents and guardians.
  • The latest ways to engage in activism to fight back against the predators and pro-pedophile community.

We also offer age-specific educational programs for classrooms. Click here to find out more about these programs.

If interested in hosting a presentation or receiving our materials, please contact the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and choose Educational Resources in the contact reason box and someone will get in touch with you.