West Columbia, Texas receives a computer to prevent Internet crimes

WC receives a computer to prevent Internet crimes   Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 2:00 am By KELLIE McKNIGHT kellie.mcknight@thefacts.com | 0 comments WEST COLUMBIA — The West Columbia Police Department is the first department in Texas to receive a donated computer designed to prevent Internet crimes against children. The Texas Moose Association donated the […]

Safe Surfin’ Foundation Releases the Parents Internet Safety Handbook!

This handbook is full of very important and useful information about how to keep your kids safe on the Internet. Topics include: – General guidelines for Internet safety – Tools that can help keep your child safe on the Internet – Possible danger signs to recognize – What you should do if you suspect your […]

Internet Safety Tips

If you or your children use the internet, use these internet safety tips to teach your family how to stay safe online. Internet Safety Tips for Chat Rooms 1. Chat rooms aren’t really safe. Anyone can join a chat room and see what you are typing. 2. People aren’t who they say they are. There […]

Internet Safety for Students

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation is your one-stop shop for all of your needs for internet safety for students. Today, students are constantly staying connected to each other and to the world wide web. With text messaging, social media and internet surfin’ they have the whole world at the tip of their fingers. But just because […]

Decoding Chat Language: Acronyms for Texting and Chat Rooms

Chatting over the Internet has created a whole new language or ‘code’ that many parents are not aware exists, let alone able to read. Below are some acronyms that are commonly used in chat rooms and are now also seen on cell phone “texting” or messaging. This is just a sampling so you will be […]

Filtering Software Do’s and Don’ts

Use of filtering software Filtering software is a great tool, but is not a panacea. There are no magic bullets when it comes to protecting our children. Like a hammer, filtering software has a single function. It does exactly what its name implies, targets specific words in order to allow a web site to be […]

What Can Parents Do?

Education is key. Speak to your kids. Just as you taught them not to talk to strangers on the street, remind your children that contacts online are STRANGERS unless you know that you are speaking with a relative or a friend. People are not who they say they are. People lie. As adults we know […]

Defining and Preventing “Cyber Bullying”

What is Cyber Bullying? If you’re like most teenagers, you spend a lot of time on a cell phone or instant messenger chatting with friends and uploading photos, videos, and music to websites. You may have online friends whom you’ve never met in person, with whom you play games and exchange messages. Teens’ lives exist […]

Safety Scenario: Internet Chat Rooms

A boy named “Jonathan” who is 12-years old and from Virginia has been chatting with “Tony” who says he is 12-years old. Over the months they have built up a great ‘online’ friendship, playing online games, checking out the NASCAR website and continuing with their friendly rivalry over Chevrolets and Fords and just talking about […]

How can we help?

The Internet is the most technologically advanced research/information/business vehicle ever known to man. We can’t ignore it, we can’t keep our children away from it. So, what do we do? There is only one answer: EDUCATION

. Understanding how the Internet works, what websites kids are visiting, and how pedophiles exploit children online will help parents […]