Human Trafficking

The trailer above is for a movie called “The Sound of Freedom.” The team at Safe Surfin’ urges you to watch this impactful film that is based on actual events. Human trafficking continues to be a large issue in the US and this film helps raise awareness of this dark area of crime.

Human Trafficking Flyer

Three Iredell County Schools to Implement Cyber SWAT

Safe Surfin’ Foundation Executive President/CEO Eddie Worth and founder Mike Brown met with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office to talk about the implementation of Cyber SWAT in 3 county schools. Cyber SWAT is designed to address issues like human trafficking, cyberbullying, and other online risks for teens.


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Human Trafficking Flyer

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation has developed a human trafficking flyer that contains valuable contact information for individuals who feels they, or someone they know, are being abused or trafficked.


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Human Trafficking Information

The documents below can be used to learn more about the impacts of human trafficking, tips to recognize human trafficking, and how to report human trafficking.


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