Protect the Protectors

L to R: Deputy Black, Sheriff Croeni, and Deputy Laidlaw of the Hand County Sheriff’s Office (South Dakota), with their new custom ballistic vests, provided by the Safe Surfin’ Protect the Protectors program.

Body Armor is not a luxury.

We believe that we must help to protect those who protect us.


Protect the Protectors is another initiative of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation that is saving lives. Through donations from concerned citizens like you, and a partnership with High Com Armor, Safe Surfin’ provides custom-fit, state-of-the-art body armor to sworn officers of law enforcement agencies in need. Every day in America, a majority of sworn officers go to work without body armor. Cost and wearability are often factors. We also encourage a mandatory-wear policy for every department. No sworn officers should be without the protection they need and deserve. Your tax-deductible donation to the Safe Surfin’ Protect the Protectors program can start saving lives right now!