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What We Do.

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation exists to inform, educate, and equip everyone fighting the good fight against evil in the world. Safe Surfin’ empowers law enforcement, teachers, parents, and young people in being cyber smart. Join the partnership for good in the world.


At Safe Surfin’, we’ve been fighting the good fight since 1998. We’re delighted to share with you some resources to help you partner with us. If you can’t find what you need or have any questions, please call or use the Contact Form to get in touch with us.


An index of downloadable and printer-friendly PDF files for EZ-ID Events, Protect the Protectors, and more.


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The Safe Surfin' Story.

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation was founded in 1998 by Sheriff Mike Brown concurrently with Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, one of the first ten US Dept. of Justice Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces in America. Recognizing that an informed user of Cyber Space is a safer one, Sheriff Brown split Blue Ridge Thunder off into SOVA ICAC for law enforcement, and Safe Surfin’ for education and other pro-active initiatives. Safe Surfin’ is an IRS-recognized 501c3 non-profit organization, to which contibutions are tax-decutible as allowed by law. In order to continue our work, we rely upon donations from people like you. Please consider how you can partner with Safe Surfin’ to make this world a better place.

Our Purpose.

Inform. Educate. Equip. Empower.

Our Approach.

Over the last two decades-plus, we’ve learned a thing or two about the efficacy of our message. In order to stop the bad guys in their tracks, we must have informed citizens of cyberspace who have fully embraced the principles of online safety and responsibility. The buy-in must be at the gut level, so that when users are confronted with danger, they don’t become victims... or part of the problem.

Our Goal.

The goal we’ve set at Safe Surfin’ is a lofty one: an informed citizenry of cyberspace that makes for a better world. We want to stop the bad guys right at their intended victims, before a crime has occurred. We want to stop that hateful or illegal text message before it is sent. We want to see technology used to brighten the lives of others, rather than be an instrument of harm. And our goal is to get you involved.

Our Mission.

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit Cyber Safety and Responsibility educational initiative, created by law enforcement professionals in 1998, and dedicated not only to protecting youth from those who would do them harm, but pro-actively educating them in the safe and responsible use of today’s ever-changing technology. Together, we’re improving and saving lives. Please join us in our quest.

Our Rockstar Team.

Since the founding in 1998, Sheriff Mike Brown has quietly assembled a stellar array of talented and dedicated professionals, each of whom contributes to the remarkable breadth and scope of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation. These are the stars who help us shine.

mike brown

  Sheriff Mike Brown

  and Chairman

53 years in law enforcement. 24-year Sheriff, Bedford County, VA. Founder of SOVA ICAC. Board of Directors, NW3C and NSA.

janet brown

  Janet M. Brown, Ph.D.

  Special Advisor,
  Board Member

Associate Professor of Psychology, Liberty University. Landmark Researcher. Military / L.E. spouse.
Child advocate.

robin sundquist

Robin Sundquist

Co-Founder and
Deputy Director

Veteran law enforcement administrator and former Fortune 500 manager. Co-founder of Safe Surfin’.

Eddie Worth

Eddie Worth

Director of

President—Virginia Moose Association; former Fortune 500 executive and sales leader.

janet vickers

Janet Vickers

Sr. Administrator

Information systems, administrator, mom of four young adults, original concept for CyberSWAT.

chandler hood

Chandler Hood

Media Specialist

Film-maker, director, screenwriter, photographer, alumnus of the founding CyberSWAT Team.

monica guardian

Monica Guardian

Sr. Administrator,
West Coast

Los Angeles-based public servant, administrator, international child advocate.

don garlock

Don Garlock, Jr.

Director of Creative
and Research

Seasoned creative veteran, author, and former executive in the broadcast, publishing, and marketing disciplines.

cheryl feldern

Cheryl Feldern

West Coast Liaison

Washington State-based child advocate.

tony schiena

Tony Schiena

Special Advisor
and Board Member

Adventurer. Global security consultant. Founder of MOSAIC Federation. Champion of children.

The Safe Surfin’ Board of Directors.


Sheriff Mike Brown

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Janet M. Brown, Ph.D.

Member of the Board and Special Advisor

Wes Crowder

Member of the Board

Curry Martin

Member of the Board

Boz Tchividjian, Esq.

Member of the Board

Dr. Fred Milacci

Member of the Board

Kelly Martin

Member of the Board

Johnny Bohannon

Member of the Board

Tony Schiena

Special Advisor and Member of the Board

Vicki Johnson

Special Advisor

Amanda Stewart

Special Advisor

Robin Sundquist

Co-Founder and Deputy Director
Under Construction


Check here for the latest happenings.

April 21, 2019

Safe Surfin’ goes to the Vatican.

SSF Founder and Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown and his wife, psychology professor and researcher Dr. Janet M. Brown are wheels up today, winging their way toward Rome, to make a special presentation to the Global Sustainability Network at the Vatican later this week.

January 2019

Think Before You Send.

How does one tackle tough topics, such as Cyber Bullying, Sexting, and Youth Suicide? We believe that every citizen of cyberspace needs to see this. “Think Before You Send,” packs a wallop, giving everyone pause to think of the consequences before hitting the send button. Now available to view/print online, and for download.

October 2018

A Partnership for Good in the World.

October 2018 was a landmark for two organizations who officially teamed up to form “A Partnership for Good in the World.” The Safe Surfin’ Team joined the National White Collar Crime Center — NW3C — at their Board Meeting, held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

April 2018

Two Decades — just the Beginning.

April 2018 marked two decades of both the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, the latter having evolved into SOVA ICAC. BRT was one of the very first 10 USDoJ ICAC Task Forces in America. Why do we do what we do? Because a child’s innocence can never be replaced.

Get In Touch With Us.

Law Enforcement. School administrator. Concerned parent. Bright student. Regardless of your calling in life, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation is here to equip you in the good fight against evil in the world. If you have questions, concerns, ideas, or if you want to donate your time or resources, please feel free to get in touch and start the conversation.

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