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Cyber S.W.A.T. is a peer-to-peer program designed to educate youth about online safety. Program facilitators use the provided curriculum and activities to help facilitate tough conversations about bullying, online predators, and other online risks. The peer mentors then reach out to other school-aged students to share what they’ve learned and present projects they have created to tell real stories about online safety and online risks.


The online space has joined schools, neighborhoods, and homes as part of an integrated community ecosystem. Teens’ conversations, their friendships-their lives-have moved online very rapidly over the last few years. Just as they learn how to be safe in other situations, teens need to learn to navigate their online communities safely, making positive choices and avoiding unnecessary risks.


The Cyber S.W.A.T. program is a complete package and includes everything you need to get started. After signing up, program facilitators will be trained how to successfully implement the program and provided a login to the Cyber S.W.A.T. website. The login portion of the website provides access to a toolkit that includes marketing materials, meeting plans, and student handouts. Also on the website you will have access to a secure discussion forum where you can ask questions and interact with others implementing Cyber S.W.A.T