Sheriff Mike Brown presents ballistic vests at the West Virginia Moose Conference

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Sheriff Mike Brown attended the annual West Virginia Moose Conference to deliver ballistic vests to officers that were in need. The Moose association and members raised the monies needed to purchase these vests, one of many tools needed to protect an officers life daily. Sheriff Brown started the “Protect the Protectors” program once he found out that there are over 200,000 law enforcement officials across the country that do not these vests. Some agencies have been wearing vests that where 20+ years old! but a typical vest starts to break down after 5 witching the last few months, through the Attorney Generals Office in Virginia, Sheriff Brown presented over 500 vests to officers across the Commonwealth and with at least 300 more requests needing to be filled.

The vests provided here were given by the West Virginia Lodges and Chapters and even personal donations. Like every program we currently have we could not do what we have been doing without the support of the local Moose Lodges and Chapters and Moose International. We look forward to providing more vests across the country to protect those that protect us.

if you need further information on this program and others that support the community you live in, please send us an email through our website or give us a call, we still have a long ways to go, but we are indebted to the Moose for all they have done for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation in supporting our efforts to educate kids and their parents about the dangers on the Internet as well as providing much needed equipment to support their local law enforcement.

Premier Showing of the Documentary Movie “Moose Proud”


Moose Proud Premier Showing of the Documentary Movie

When: Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Where: Lynchburg South Moose Lodge #1727
934 Waterlick Road. Lynchburg, VA

Meet and Greet before the movie with host Erik Estrada.

$5.00 Donation forwarded to Safe Surfin’ Foundation

Copies of the Documentary Movie available for $15.00

Light refreshments – General public is invited

Download a PDF flyer to distribute

Bedford County Sheriff Says Social Media Can Help Prevent School Violence


Bedford Co., VA – Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown believes social media sites can be used to help prevent school violence incidents.

Brown appears in a nationally distributed DVD produced by the National White Collar Crime Center. The DVD will be used to train teachers, school administrators and police on warning signs to look for online.

“We get calls. We get calls from parents. We get calls from students about seeing something on Facebook that disturbs them,” said Sheriff Mike Brown.

“They feel compelled to share all the information they have, whether it’s criminal or non-criminal, any aspect of their life,” said Matt Davis, Cyber Tips Manager with the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. “Things they’ve heard, rumors or gossip. They feel like they need to share on their social media sites.”

Sheriff Brown has a limited number of DVDs he wants to give away to schools or law enforcement agencies. To get one call the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office at 540-586-4800.

To view Sheriff Brown’s interview please visit the following link:

Hillsville Police Department receives 13 ballistic vests

Sheriff Michael J. Brown (right) is shown here presenting Greg Bolen, Chief of Police of the Hillsville Police Department, one of the 13 ballistic vests that the Bedford County Sheriff's Office provided to the Hillsville Police Department.

 Sheriff Michael J. Brown recently presented Hillsville Police Chief Greg Bolen with 13 ballistic vests that the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office provided to the Hillsville Police Department.These vests were made possible through the sheriff’s office “Protect the Protector’s” grant program. The Hillsville Police Department was chosen along with a few other jurisdictions to receive the vests.”I cannot express my gratitude enough to Sheriff Michael Brown, and the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office enough for providing these vests to our department,” Bolen said. “Sheriff’s Brown’s dedication to protecting all law enforcement officers speaks volumes to his character and commitment to public safety. These vests will no doubt provide piece of mind to our officers, but to their families as well.”If the HPD had to purchase these vests, price would be anywhere from $800-$1000 per vest. The vests are made by TopLine Armor Systems, Fairfield, Ohio, so they are all American made. The Ballistic material is produced by DuPont, located in Virginia, also made in America.The Protect the Protector program was developed by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, located in Bedford. A non-profit organization founded by Sheriff Mike Brown, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. Please visit: www.safesurfin.orgProtect the Protector is funded by dedicated Moose members throughout the state (and beyond) and by a grant from the Office of Attorney General, Virginia. Safe Surfin’ creates and distributes Internet safety information to schools, civic organizations, libraries, etc. Safe Surifn’ has also spearheaded other pro-active programs such as Internet Safety “Train the Trainer” programs, EZ Child/Senior ID, Cop In A Box, and Protect the Protector.

If  you would like to support your local law enforcement in Virginia or anywhere across the county please contact us or simply go to the donate button. Thanks for your continued support of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.


Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office receives ballistic vest from Sheriff Mike Brown and the Safe Surfin’ Foundation


Members of the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office proudly displays the ballistic vests they received recently as Sheriff Mike Brown continues to provide these vests to agencies across Virginia who cannot afford them in their budgets. Sheriff Brown is committed to protecting those that protect us and started the Protector the Protectors program last year with funding provided by Moose International, The National Sheriff’s Association and a grant received by the Attorney General. With over 200,000 officers across the country not having vests provided to them, they literally put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform.

If you would like to assist with donating to this effort, please do so at our home page with the donation button or contact our co-founder Robin Sundquist at or 540-586-4800.

We wish to Thank everyone that has helped with this project so far and stand with us as we help our officers be in the line of duty and service to their communities.

500th Ballistic Vest giving out to Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office




Sheriff Mike Brown presenting the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office with the 500th vest that has been giving to local Law Enforcement in Virginia through a grant provided to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office by the Attorney Generals Office. These ballistic vests have been provided to agencies who could not afford them to protect their officers. Sheriff Brown began the program, “Protect the Protectors” once he found a study showing that over 200,000 officers across the country either do not have vests or have been issued vests that are past their expectation date. Today was a milestone, with the 500th vest going to Westmorland County, along with vests that went out Wednesday to the Town of Amherst, Radford City and Albermarle County Sheriff’s Office.









Moose International helping to Protect our kids Nationwide



The pictures above are from some of Child ID events sponsored by Moose International in California hosted by Jerry O’Conner. The BTS events stand for “Behind the Smile” which is their community service tag used for all of their community events.

The Safe a Surfin’ Foundation would like to spotlight how Moose International helps protect our kids around the country. We thank you all.

Safe Surfin Foundation and Moose International provide ballistic vest to Glade Spring, VA police



The Glade Spring, Virginia Police Department received a special gift Wednesday.

Members of the Smyth and Washington County Moose International chapters donated four new bulletproof vests to the Glade Spring Police Department Wednesday morning.

The donation was part of the the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and Protect the Protector program.

Glade Spring Police Chief Ricky Stumbo said even though crime rates are low in the town, there is still danger on every call. “Every time you go on a call, you’re essentially in a place where you [can possibly encounter] someone with a firearm,” he said. “Every call, unbeknownst to the situation, you could be in need of that vest at any moment.”

He told us vests expire after five years, and this donation will help keep officers safe. “The kevlar that’s inside the vest, as long as it’s not moving, it’s not doing anything. The minute somebody starts wearing it and moving the vest around, the fibers begin to move. Over that lifespan, they separate, and they become less effective at stopping a round if it was to take a bullet,” Stumbo said.

Chief Stumbo told us vests are fitted to each individual officer. The donation brings the department’s total to six effective vests.

Protect the Protectors ballistic vest program


When a fellow police officer in neighboring West Virginia was shot three times by a suspected child pornographer, the first question that came to the Sheriff Mike Brown’s mind was; “why wasn’t he wearing a ballistic vest?”.

To learn more about the Safe Surfin Foundation and the organizations who support it visit

Top-Line Armor Systems proudly supports the Safe Surfin Foundation’s Protect the Protectors program.

Please view the video here Protect the Protectors

TONY SCHIENA To Speak at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Texas

Tony Schinea

Tony Schiena will be the guest speaker this year at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Texas. Please view the link below to see the trailer for this great conference.

Tony Schiena is a man of diverse experience and accomplishment. He has an extensive experience in the security industry and has been operational in various capacities on three different continents.  A former veteran of the intelligence community, he’s currently a Deputy Sheriff in Virginia and a Lieutenant on the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) task force.

Tony is President of the Child Council of the IBSSA (with a presence in 110 countries) and a long-standing member of the International Police Association. He was awarded the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Hungarian National Guard for meritorious service. Tony has given specialist instruction to the New York Police Department, South African Police Force, Indianapolis Police Department, Merced County Sheriff Department and SWAT team (during which he operated as team leader of a National Sheriff Associations special operations team) as well as various military and government agencies including marines in Iraq, Cambodian special forces, Italian air force etc.

As a sportsman he achieved the highest of accolades, retiring as an undefeated World Heavyweight Karate Champion. Tony now dedicates his time to fighting the greatest evil facing society, sex trafficking of children.