Digital Detox: 3 Tips to Help Your Kids Lessen Screen Time

I know what you’re thinking. What is a “digital detox” (or electronics detox) and why is it important? Research has shown that an excessive amount of screen time for kids can lead to an increase in stress, anxiety, and a lack of coping skills. Just like any addiction, it takes needing assistance from someone else to help acknowledge it and break the addiction. Safe Surfin’ wants to encourage you to speak to your kids about your concerns for their overall well-being with all of their screen time and put into action an electronics detox. Communicate with them that it isn’t a punishment, rather for their well-being and happiness. There may be some pushback, so pick a detox plan below that’s right for you and your family and have a plan for activities that they can do in place of being on their electronics. Here are 3 digital detox plans for your child: 1. During the week allow one hour of electronics a day, then increase time on the weekends. 2. No electronics (other than schoolwork) during the week and limited time on specific electronics on the weekends. 3. Only allow games that can be played offline, like classic Nintendo or Switch. You decide the time limit for the detox and continue to communicate with your children the timeframe. Since implementing an electronics detox in my home, my child was selected to test for his next belt in Jiujitsu due to his increase in maturity over the last couple of weeks. He has shown more respect and conducts tasks without less complaint. We’ve decided to continue the detox (Plan 2) for another week. Check out our website at for more resources on safeguarding your little ones from the dangers of the internet.


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