EZ-ID Kits and Events

EZ-ID saves time and lives

In the event that a loved one goes missing, moments count. Precise information provided to law enforcement can make all the difference. That’s why Safe Surfin’ and Moose International have teamed up to facilitate EZ-ID Kits and Events.


EZ-ID Kits and Events are a safe and fun way to record your loved one’s vital information. Fingerprints. Photos. Physical decription, and more. You keep it. You own it. Your information is not stored anywhere else. But in the event someone vulnerable, such as a child or a senior, goes missing, you have in one handy place all the necessary information to provide to law enforcement to aid in the search. EZ-ID is a program that is proven to save time and save lives… when every moment counts. Moose International and Safe Surfin’: working together, we are making a difference. Get in touch to find out how you can have an EZ-ID Event in your community.


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